May 20 2016
Basis Technologies

Reach Your Audience in the Moments that Matter


Intrusive ads are so 2015. Centro’s Senior Director of Digital Innovations, Ryan Manchee, delivered this message in his recent webinar, Stop the Interruption! How Meaningful Marketing is Replacing Intrusive Ads and Driving Results. There are more active websites and smartphone users now than ever before, which means it’s vital for marketers and advertisers to find their audience on the right platforms and channels, identify areas to send a personalized message, and deliver a compelling experience for the consumer. Missed the webinar? You can download the recording, as well as the presentation, here.

Following the webinar, Ryan tackled many questions but unfortunately, he was unable to address all of them. Here are his answers to the questions we couldn’t get to during our time together.

Are digital ads with instant coupon more effective than general theme/brand offers?

In terms of conversions, yes, digital coupon ads are more effective. But I don’t believe it is an equal comparison for that type of performance, nor would I recommend coupon ads replace a more general brand offer. In fact, I could see them working in conjunction with one another, either from a sequential perspective. For ex,a general theme or brand offering is shown and if there is no conversion, a retargeted message with the coupon could be used.

Can you provide an example of a native advertising campaign with results that have impressed you?

Most native ad campaigns are incredibly unique, but a recent CPG client’s campaign comes to mind. This national CPG brand had a very unique target audience and some very specific goals around not just increasing overall awareness of the brand through engagement with ads, but also to increase social followers. This was a great campaign, as it not only exceeded the success benchmarks we had set, but we also ran customized branded content across a number of publishers that fit perfectly for the brand and its unique target demo. Each of the publishers were able to promote the content across their social channels which drove more traffic and exposure, but also promoted a unique brand hashtag and included promotion of the brands social presence.

Are CTAs still necessary for branded ads?

Absolutely necessary? No, but I would encourage some type of call-to-action in 99.9% of all campaigns. Even if the primary intention of the ad is centered on brand awareness or favorability, in most cases the secondary goal of the campaign is more than likely to get the audience to perform some action. If that is the case, why would you want to miss out on the opportunity if the consumer is interested?

Do you think the media mix changes for products with purchase cycles of weekly or monthly vs 2x per year?

I do! Though to best address this scenario there are a number of unique variables worth consideration. Everything from media consumption habits for the audience to purchase cycles to where and how the products can be purchased is essential. I’d encourage you to reach out to your Centro Account Lead to talk through the specifics and put together a more customized recommendation.

What are some popular tools to track location habits and interests?

Through partnerships with location data aggregators like Factual, Centro DSP can offer location-based profiles for advertisers to test and see which location targeting tactics drive the strongest KPIs for campaign needs. There are also several carefully vetted partners that we use in order to build out location audience profiles based on users’ real-life foot traffic patterns. These profiles can range from commonly sought-after audiences, such as consumers who visited particular categories of stores in the last 30 or 60 days to people who frequent competitive locations or more nuanced custom profiles based on selective foot traffic patterns determined by analysis of consumer behaviors. Once we identify the best tactics, we also identify the best partner(s) to utilize.

In addition to enabling the targeting of various types of users, several of these partners offer the opportunity to provide clients with various attribution studies to better understand how ad exposure led to driving consumers to retail or brick and mortar locations.

Join us next month on June 22nd for our next 3Ton30 webinar: Pillars of Performance. For more information on our 3Ton30 series, visit our resource center here. We hope to see you next month!