May 29 2012
Shawn Riegsecker

Quality Sites & Environments for Premium Advertisers


Great read by Mike Shields: Making the Wrong Impression - How sites with dubious content are attracting ads from blue-chip brands

Obviously, great writing like this has many low quality players scared based on the comments received.  Mike Shields is shedding light on things a lot of companies, many of the brand name ad tech companies, don’t want people to know.  But, that’s why journalism exists.  And that’s why high-quality, journalistic-based media companies deserve better than how the current SSP/DSP market is treating them.

Premium brand advertisers deserve premium quality sites and environments. If someone thinks it’s only about the audience and the environment doesn’t matter, they don’t understand how marketing works.

Mike, keep calling it as you see it. You’re on the right side of history as the industry matures and weeds out bottom feeding companies. Thanks for a great read!