Jul 9 2015
Katie Risch

Publishers & DSPs Part III: What to Look for in a DSP


Choosing a DSP partner can be hard – and so can learning how to grapple with programmatic. If you’re looking for some guidance, we can help. In this brand new Centro Speaks video, Katie Risch, senior vice president of publisher development at Centro, takes a look at how – with the right partner – publishers can develop the knowledge and confidence to tackle digital and expand their in-house programmatic expertise.

As a publisher, it’s imperative that you grow the programmatic capabilities on your own team, as opposed to migrating a strictly managed service route. “Look for a partner that’s not afraid to come in and get their hands dirty,” Risch recommends. Here are a few other areas to consider when looking for a DSP partner:

  • Cross-channel capabilities
  • Advanced mobile targeting
  • Service and staff to support your needs

As programmatic buying continues to explode, bringing a DSP in-house is now, more than ever, essential to making lasting and powerful changes to your business. Risch’s advice: focus on finding a partner who will offer a flexible level of support, guidance, and hands on training so that you can propel your business into the programmatic space. Ready to learn even more? Check out the video below. In case you missed them, check out part I and part II.