Jul 8 2015
Katie Risch

Publishers & DSPs Part II: A Route to Digital Extension


So you’ve got the data. Now what? In the second part of our publishers and DSPs video series, Katie Risch, senior vice president of publisher development at Centro, recommends putting a digital extension program in place as a next step. Digital extension solutions help publishers attract more ad dollars by offering a full arsenal of ad products that leverage first-party data. That means, publishers are able to offer inventory not only on their own site but across every website, exchange, device, and platform. More significantly, they’ll be able to:

  1. Provide a single point of contact to deal with a greater percentage of clients’ digital budgets – putting advertisers at ease.
  2. Offer advertisers solutions beyond just publisher owned and operated inventory and, in turn, increase the percentage of advertiser digital revenue support.

To establish expertise and reach in every major channel beyond owned and operated properties, many publishers are already reorganizing their sales strategies and offering digital extension capabilities. If you want to learn more about growing revenue through these powerful solutions, check out the video below. In case you missed part I, you can find it here.