Nov 4 2015
Basis Technologies

Publisher News: Industry Insights


IAB Sees Strongest Digital Growth Since 2011
Revenue in the digital ad space topped $27B from January to June in 2015 – the best growth rate in four years with a 19% total increase. On the top of the leaderboard were digital video and social advertising, with a 35% increase in video spend and a 51% rise in social advertising. Check out the stats here.

Are Marketers Finally Getting the Hang of Location-Based Mobile Ads?
In an Advertising Week panel, Essence digital agency discussed lessons from a campaign for Google’s search app that won Adweek’s Media Plan of the Year award. By applying location-based mobile ads, over 20 custom data points were produced to create unique and personalized ad messaging. Get all the insight.

Linking Digital Ads to Local Conversions
A recent poll covered in eMarketer found that 60% of U.S. CPG and retail brands tailored specific digital advertising messages to drive in-store purchases. Moreover, nearly as many also said that driving such in-store conversions was a key indicator of their digital marketing success. See the full story.