Dec 5 2017
Anthony Loredo

The Most Popular Blog Posts in November


We post great content to our blog every week, but between hectic days (or weeks, or months) at work, trying to keep up with trade publications and industry news, or forgetting about all the stories you bookmarked to read later, sometimes it can be hard to keep up.

So, in case you missed any of our blog posts, below are the most popular from the past month:

  • How to Use Programmatic in Higher Education: If you’re a higher education marketer or institution, we put together some tips and tricks for approaching programmatic ad buying.
  • Dreamforce Recap: A few of us went to Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce conference, and we gathered our favorite highlights and takeaways from the massive event.
  • DIAL (November): The latest Digital Innovations Awesome List, a round-up of articles and industry reports from the trade pubs.
  • Programmatic 101/Conversion Tracking: Tracking conversions is crucial to digital campaign success. Here’s a primer on how conversion tracking works, why it’s helpful for campaign optimization decision-making, and what types of conversions can be tracked in DSPs.
  • 3T Wrap-Up: After 12 months, 10 webinars, almost 6,000 registrants, and 2,400 attendees, 3Ton30 has concluded for the year. We rounded up the presentations, slides, and extra 3T content from each webinar into one blog for easy viewing.

Happy reading!