Nov 9 2015
Basis Technologies

#PollingPalooza2015 - Political Spending on Social Media


Welcome back to #PollingPalooza2015. Every week throughout November, we will be polling you, the people, to not only test your digital knowledge, but to help you understand the key issues in advertising today. Did we mention some cool swag is up for grabs? So use your voice, cast your vote, and join us for #PollingPalooza2015!

For week two, we are throwing our hat into the political arena to discuss campaign spending on digital advertising. The world is becoming increasingly more connected to digital devices. What does this mean? Media platforms like print, TV, and even desktop to an extent, have been overtaken by smartphones, tablets and the like, which means the world is becoming more social (media, that is). Reaching consumers now means reaching them on mobile devices, through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But just how many ad dollars will go social's way?

The poll is now closed! Thanks to all those who participated.