Oct 28 2015
Basis Technologies

Pillars of Performance, Part 5: Response


It’s fitting that response is the final pillar in the performance plan series. After all, response is a pivotal benchmark for success and the one thing we really want from our campaigns no matter the brand or product.

The art of sharing messages and gathering replies has been around for hundreds of years. Remember stories about the Pony Express? It took 10 days to carry communications back and forth across the country on horseback. Then there were telegraphs and TV. Some of us even participated in the practice of coupon codes and unique phone extensions. And now, we’re busy chasing clicks, views, shares, and likes – which amazingly occur in split seconds. It’s incredible how so much has changed.

Actually, the vehicles we use to drive response have dramatically evolved over the years but the reason for doing so has not. We’re still just looking for an answer, some sort of action, a reply to our message.

These days, even though technology does the heavy lifting, gaining a response is still hard work. Thankfully it no longer requires serious riding skills, but it does take a whole lot of trust, time, and attention. In order to properly measure response you have to be able to credit marketing tactics with customer actions at every stage in the customer journey. By continuously monitoring response rates, you can tune spend towards what’s working and cut what’s not. This insight will help you strengthen campaign performance and your overall brand story — which is exactly the type of outcome we’re all looking for.

Tune back in tomorrow to grab the Pillar of Performance eBook and get started on a performance plan of your own. You can also review Pillar 1: Audiences, Pillar 2: Channel, Pillar 3: Execution, and Pillar 4: Exposure. Questions on this approach? Give us a shout – we’re ready to support your every digital need.