Nov 6 2014
Basis Technologies

High Impact: Packing a Punch


You’ve probably heard of the Coca-Cola happiness machine. Why? Because it’s memorable. The happiness machine delivers the ultimate prize: engaging consumers with an idea that stirs up a range of emotions while bringing to life a defining brand value: drinking coke = happiness and smiles.

While we can’t promise laughter and free soda, our media experts at Centro can help you build a digital plan that packs a punch. High impact digital placements offer brand recognition, awareness, interaction, scalability, and viewability. If you’ve got a big idea, high impact placements are the most effective way to share it with the world.

Engage and impress with a perfect fit.
Not all ad impressions are created equal, with unique sizes, animations and formats, these units break through content and clutter to capture the viewer’s attention and prompt engagement. Explode through the front page of a national website, or push your ad across the travel page on a local news source; impact can be scaled according to your specific brand goals.

With a growing relationship base of over 15,000 publisher partners, our teams precisely align placements with content that fits your brand message. Whether you’re making a splash locally, seeking regional exposure or running a national campaign you can be assured your campaign will reach your audience with a highly interactive message at the right place and time.

Control impact with scale.
Even better, these high impact executions are available across the entire spectrum of channels and sites your audience uses. Centro works without contracts and without limits, so choose one powerful execution, or choose many. The combinations are infinite, and the scale is up to you; maintain complete control over all sites, channels, and creative executions. No matter what,, every execution offers the same quality and transparency you’ve come to expect from working with Centro. We’ll show you exactly what we’re seeing at any point in the campaign- right down to the placement level. And to ensure success, we’ll make any necessary adjustments along the way.

Interested in putting your brand front and center? Reach out to a Centro sales representative today to leverage the power of high impact creative.