Aug 18 2020
Basis Technologies

Native Advertising at Basis Technologies


Native Advertising

Whether you’re new to digital advertising or a seasoned veteran, you’ve most likely heard clients and brands ask about native advertising. The amount of media dollars that brands are investing in native advertising has continued to increase year over year as the channel has evolved and more inventory has become available.

How Native Ads Work

Native advertising is commercial content that matches the look and feel of the site its on. Basis Technologies works with TripleLift and ShareThrough, two of the top native advertising platforms built for the visual web, to run native ads on our DSP. These platforms leverage pioneering ad and computer vision technology to integrate a brand’s most engaging images, across any device, at scale.

As consumers have become more and more accustomed to digital display banners, they’ve also become ‘banner blind,’ meaning they’ve become trained to ignore the typical areas of a publisher’s site where display banners are usually seen.

Native advertising can come in the form of in-feed content, branded content, or sponsored articles which all give the advertiser placement alongside relevant and engaging content to help mitigate banner blindness. This gives brands the opportunity to build awareness and consideration when the consumer is leaning in to learn more.

Basis Technologies’ experts are here to help! Learn more about Native Advertising with Basis here.