Aug 30 2012
Basis Team

Multi-Screen Usage and How to Grow Small Agencies

  • A new Google study identifies two primary ways people use multi-screens: 1) Sequential – moving from one device to another to complete a single goal 2) Simultaneous – using multiple devices at the same time. These types of usage modes offer key insights to marketers. For example, the study found that nine out of ten people use multiple screens sequentially and smartphones are by far the most common starting point for completing a task (e.g.,  booking an online flight). The study also found that search is a critical connector between devices. Read More: Navigating the new multi-screen world: Insights show how consumers use different devices together
  • AdAge’s report, How to Grow Your Small Agency, focuses on agency growing pains and how to effectively tackle them, including hiring talent, creating strategic outsourcing partnerships, and incorporating smart systems. It also includes insights to what agencies would change or do differently. Here’s one notable quote from Thomas Stringham of Hot Tomali, “I would have put more emphasis on developing our workflows and process at the beginning…I just wanted to focus on big ideas, which was great in principle, but it held us back when the projects got bigger and more complex.” What are other ways agencies can grow their business? Purchase the Whitepaper: Smart from the Start: How to Grow Your Small Agency