Nov 16 2015
Basis Technologies

More Screens, More Opportunities


The world is heading in a digital direction (newsflash!), but some of us are just not quite ready to forego some of our more traditional media buys - Like television, for example.

True to form, digital has an answer for that. For progressive marketers with television budget and assets on their hands, there is digital video.

In June, Centro teamed up with the AMA to discuss the rapidly-evolving digital video space via webinar webcast. Heather Robertson, the Director of Video at Centro, regularly fields inquiries from clients who have digital video budget or are looking to shift traditional video dollars to the digital space. The webinar, entitled Digital Video: More Screens, More Opportunities, addressed many of the recent advancements in digital video and offered advice on how to handle some of the challenges ahead. Finally, to acknowledge another massive movement in the space, Heather discussed programmatic buying and the opportunity presents for digital video buyers.

Some key points to take home:

  • 56% of people have a connected device
  • 1 in 3 people consume video on a smartphone
  • There are 4 billion Facebook video views per day
  • Programmatic video is showing 212% Year over Year growth.

If you missed the webinar or are looking to share it with a co-worker, check out the recording below.

Have more questions about digital video or programmatic? Head on over to to get in contact with a Centro DSP rep.