Mar 17 2015
Basis Technologies

Part 4: Millennials aren’t just #KUWTK. They’re #KUTWTN, too!


For those of you who are about to Google the headline, we’ll save you the search:

Millennials aren’t just keeping up with the Kardashians. They’re keeping up with the news, too. And in this post, the latter part of the headline is the real story.

Recently, we touched on a few projections regarding Millennials and their booming spending habits, heightening stress levels, and increasing travel tendencies. So what else are Millennials spending their time on? Surprisingly, the news! In fact, according to a new report released by the American Press Institute and the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research (A.K.A. Media Insight Project), 85% of Millennials say that keeping up with the news is at least somewhat important to them and 69% say they get the news daily – often via a social networking site. A fortuitous finding for a generation notorious for being constantly connected to each other, yet disconnected from the news. Stereotypes aside, Millennials do, in fact, consume a lot of news – thanks in large part to mobile devices and social media platforms. Check out more of the study’s findings>>