Aug 9 2017
Paola Gutierrez

Meet Our Summer Interns in Dallas


Centro kicked off the summer with 13 new interns in Chicago, New York, and Dallas. For 10 exciting weeks, our Centerns – as we lovingly call them – were spread across multiple teams and given the opportunity to get hands-on learning experience. They took on digital ad campaigns, individual projects, and community service work, and soaked up everything they could about the industry in the meantime.

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be featuring their experiences on the blog. Today, we'll give you a look into the internship program through the eyes of our Dallas Centerns.

Kate Latham, Paid Social Intern
I went to Texas Tech University and majored in marketing.

After graduating, I knew I wanted to be in digital advertising, but needed more experience. Interning at Centro was a great way to get my foot in the door and learn a lot. I help pace campaigns, adjust budgets, assist with creative swaps, and test audience availabilities on different ad sets. I also put together client-facing and internal one sheeters and case studies. I could go on for days about everything I've learned about paid social this summer, but basically: the knowledge I've gained has been invaluable.

We also got to help plan a Giving Tree project and that was very cool. I'm new to Dallas, so it was a great way to learn about different volunteer organizations and opportunities.

My advice to people considering this internship program is to just do it. You will never be in a better position to learn more -- without the pressure of being a full-time employee.

Kelsey Brockett, Media Associate Intern
I'm originally from Dallas, but I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in public relations.

My day-to-day tasks include helping the media associates with pacing, screenshots, actualizations, kickoff emails, processing IOs and traffic sheets. I also create research decks for the retail, CPG, and QSR industries, cultivate a publisher library for strategists to use, and create “Campaign of Champions" case studies, highlighting successful Centro digital campaigns.

My favorite part of this internship has been getting to learn about digital ad campaigns and the people behind them! It might sound cheesy, but Centro has the coolest people. They are patient, helpful, smart, and kind, and I am so appreciative of that.

Interning here as taught me that it's important to love the company's culture and people just as much as you love the work. Also, there are no stupid questions. Everyone is constantly learning in this industry, and personal growth and development are key.

My advice to a future Centern: Get ready for an awesome summer! Come in with an open mind, a notepad, and a pen – and make sure to say hi/get to know everyone!

If you have more questions about our internship program or would like to apply to be a part of the program, please reach out to