Sep 6 2012
Shawn Riegsecker

The Media Landscape in 2017


Even as we rush headlong towards 2013, the speed-of-light changes in our industry demand we all become visionaries, able to look past what I like to call “The Great Disruption” – the immediate and ever-evolving commotion in the media landscape – to the horizon: 2017.

That’s exactly what I’ll be talking about when representatives from 2,000 local newspapers and their digital products gather in Atlanta from September 11th to the 14th for the 2012 Local Media Fall Publishers’ & Advertising Directors’ Conference.

Sure, we all instinctively know that the next 5 years will cause the greatest disruption yet – far more than anything we have seen date. But the question on everyone’s mind – the one I’ll answer during my presentation is: What will things look like when the dust settles?

For starters, the tablet, which is already proving to be powerfully disruptive, will unveil its full range of tremendous opportunities. In fact, the one thing you can count on in 2017 is that all media will be changed in unimaginable ways – some will simply go away and others will transform into entities that are nearly unimaginable today.

During my session, you’ll get exclusive insight into my vision for the 2017 media landscape, including how I foresee media consolidating in the wake of the fragmentation process, how companies will have to adjust their cost structures, and how “the cloud” will become a day-to-day reality in all aspects of our work and play. I’m already using these upcoming realities to prepare Centro for the massive changes ahead and you probably hope to do the same. Join me.