Sep 21 2012
Basis Team

Media, Automation and Digital Opportunities

  • Is paid advertising beneficial? Absolutely. However, it is incredibly important to understand how best to integrate it with owned and earned media. Nielsen shares valuable insights on how to strengthen consumer trust and deliver better results via paid, owned, and earned media working together (e.g., paid ads work harder with social, paid ads drive owned usage). Read More: Trust in Advertising – Paid, Owned and Earned
  • Forrester analyst, Joanna O’Connell, shares thoughts with Digiday on the media agency of the future, including efficiency needs to help media professionals do their jobs smarter and better. She speaks to the importance of machines but emphasizes the needs for humans as well. She states, “What I want to happen because I’m a person who worked on the buy side is everything that’s standardized becomes automated in some way. It doesn’t mean humans aren’t involved. But the IO stuff, uh-uh. I don’t think that’s necessary [for people to do.].” Read More: Agencies in the Age of Machines
  • An interesting iMedia Connection article speaks to the importance of online media, particularly in the awareness and consideration stages of the purchase funnel. Consumers heavily rely on the internet for research. Additionally, it highlights Mary Meeker’s media consumption and ad spending chart, which indicates 36% of time is spent with digital media (26% internet +  10% mobile),  yet 23% of ad dollars (22% internet + 1% mobile) are allocated to the digital space. This highlights massive opportunities for brand marketers. Read More: The Myth Of Online Conversion For Everything