Jul 23 2012
Basis Team

Local Media, Ad Engagement, Mobile and Holistic Strategies

  • Marketers are finding more value in local, digital environments. According to BIA/Kelsey, advertising revenues from all local interactive and digital will grow 13% in 2012. For this year, top performers will include mobile search (up 77.2%), online video (up 51.6%), and social media (up 26.3%). Additionally, for some media, like newspapers, digital ad revenues will be the only source of growth. The growth in different local media segments will drive an overall increase making digital over 25% of the local ad market. Read More: Digital Ad Revenues for Local Media to Grow 13.1% in 2012, According to BIA/Kelsey
  • Engagement is high for mobile devices. According to a recent IAB report, nearly 50% of tablet users and 25% of smartphone users indicated that they engage with ads more than once a week. A large majority (80% or higher) of these users also take action following engagement. Also interesting, 48% of smartphone users and 59 percent of tablet users said that they regularly conduct local searches on mobile devices while at home watching TV. This proves that there is a need for holistic plans that incorporate local environments. Read More: Ads on Tablets: 47% Engage, Says IAB
  • Another recent study proves the value of media channels working together vs. separately. One key takeaway is to determine the best way to use each channel within the purchase funnel. For example, the study found that display, specific to retail, works best when the media appears early in the conversion path. Display ads drive a 29% higher AOV than other single-channel paths. Combined with search channels (paid and organic), it drives a 16% higher AOV when at the top of the path, and converts consumers 43% faster than other multichannel paths. Read More: Attribution Requires Marketers To Understand Display Ad Impact