Jun 20 2019
Basis Technologies

Level Up Your LinkedIn Game


There are about 3.2 billion social media users worldwide, and that number continues to rise daily. That statistic alone showcases the reach that social media has when it comes to digital marketing. Social media marketing allows companies to connect more closely with their clients and customers, whether it’s through wide-reaching Facebook or influencer-dominated Instagram. Now is the time to utilize the platforms that matter!

When it comes to B2B marketing, however, LinkedIn reigns supreme. The professional networking site remains the most used social media platform by Fortune 500 companies. But it’s not limited to high-profile company executives—millennials are flocking to the site as well. Out of over 590 million current LinkedIn users, 87 million are millennials.

How can you use LinkedIn to your advantage? Read on to find out.

  1. Create Quality Content

LinkedIn users are looking for valuable content filled with insider knowledge, so it’s important to inform and educate rather than promote. Target your content to what your audience and connections want to see, because even sponsored content will appear organically in their newsfeeds. Tell an engaging story and make sure to include videos and photos in posts—62% of LinkedIn members interacted with platform content because they found it educational or informative.

  1. Humanize Your Brand

Don’t be a faceless brand! Show your followers that your company has a team of real people behind it. Despite the professional landscape, LinkedIn is still a great place to tell stories and show your followers that you’re more than just a product or service provider. Not every post has to be business oriented—it’s also worthwhile to highlight company values, share thought leadership content, and celebrate employees.

  1. Use Data to Inform Business Decisions

Centro’s Basis now has an API integration with LinkedIn, making it even easier to advertise on the platform. Basis pulls daily delivery, performance, and spend data from LinkedIn directly into its dashboard. This eliminates the need for additional CSVs and spreadsheets to be manually downloaded from LinkedIn and uploaded into Basis.

Basis rationalizes delivery data from major ad servers, various social and search vendors, and its integrated demand-side platform (DSP). The LinkedIn integration drives productivity for media professionals by:

  • Eliminating the manual data importing process throughout the life of the campaign,
  • Showing LinkedIn ad performance alongside all other media channels,
  • Empowering buyers and planners to execute informed optimizations, leading to better campaign performance, and
  • Powering better reporting and storytelling tools resulting in improved client satisfaction.

Basis improves revenue margins, controls costs associated with technology platforms, and lifts team productivity by automating the most manual and redundant tasks in digital media buying and operations. Don’t wait—visit our site to learn more.