Apr 18 2012
Basis Team

Internet Ad Revenue and Short CMO Tenure

  • Digital expansion is making history. According to a recent IAB revenue report, internet ad revenue hit a historic high ($31 billion), up 22% over 2010. Display-related advertising revenue in 2011 totaled $11.1 billion (35% of 2011 revenues), up 15% in 2010, while mobile experienced triple-digit growth, up 149% from 2010. This tremendous growth opens exciting yet challenging doors for media professionals. Success will be determined by their ability to generate fresh ideas that are executed with young and nimble approaches. Read More: Internet Ad Revenues Hit $31 Billion in 2011, Historic High Up 22% Over 2010 Record-Breaking Numbers
  • We all know that digital advancements are accompanied with increased pressures, particularly for CMOs. In fact, the average tenure of a CMO is reported to be anywhere from 23.6 months to 42 months. A recent Mediapost article highlights this issue and offers tips on how to outlive this brief time span. One of the most valuable tips is to “identify and simplify the problem.” By identifying the obstacles in the media and buying process and simplifying them, media professionals will benefit from efficiency, speed and promising futures (i.e.,  job security and growth). Read More: CMOs: How To Cheat A Quick Death