Nov 30 2023
Courtney Shaw

Innovations in Search and Social [November 2023]


What’s new in the realms of paid search and social media? This month, Courtney Shaw, VP of Social Media Solutions, and Maggie Shelton, Director of Search Media Investment, compiled all the latest news, trends, and resources for easy access.

Meta Announces Ad-Free Subscription Program in EU [:03]

To comply with European Union regulations, Meta will begin offering people aged 18 and over who live in the EU, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland the option to pay a monthly subscription fee to use Facebook and Instagram without ads. Those who don’t subscribe can continue to use the platforms for free, while seeing ads deemed relevant to them. Advertisers do not need to take action as a result of this update, and campaigns targeting people ages 18 and up are expected to continue delivering as planned.

Google rolls out generative AI tools for product images in the U.S. [:02]

Google's new generative AI tools are designed to help marketers create, edit, and iterate on images with less reliance on professional tools or creative teams. The tools can perform basic tasks like altering the background color behind product images, as well as more advanced jobs such as adding products to specific scenes (for example, you could ask Google's AI tool to "place this item on the beach, surrounded by shells"). As Google continues to expand its range of ad formats, this will most immediately be useful to help version creative into multiple ad assets.

A horse wearing a small hat in front of a background that's changing colors, likely generated by AI.
“Please put a hat on this horse and make the background red…no, blue…no, green…”

Google Holiday Shopping Insights [:04]

As early as consumers have begun their holiday shopping, 50% still have more to buy after Cyber Week, and they’re going heavy on digital for their research. Marketers looking to maintain momentum from the cyber holidays should consider an omnichannel approach to reach shoppers who are determined to find the right gift. Google has more supporting information and insights here.

Actor and comedian Fred Armisen, dressed as a doctor in a lab, saying "Research is hard."
Eggnog helps!

Snapchat Introducing Creator Collab Campaigns: New tools to bring Advertisers and Creators closer together [:02]

Snapchat’s creator community is thriving, with content creators growing highly engaged audiences by giving Snapchatters an authentic look at their lives. Creator Collab Campaigns is Snapchat's new suite of products designed to make it easier for advertisers to partner with the platform’s influential, audience-rich creator community.

Amazon Ads for lead generation: What advertisers need to know [:05]

Amazon's massive share of the e-commerce market provides them with robust audience targeting data. Advertisers can now leverage this targeting across Amazon and Amazon-owned properties (including Twitch and IMDb). While campaigns are currently display-only and limited to select verticals, they represent a huge opportunity for advertisers trying to reach more hard-to-find cohorts of consumers.

Actor Jennifer Lawrence playing Katniss Aberdeen in the movie "The Hunger Games," aiming at a target with her bow and arrow.
Now that’s Katniss-level targeting.

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