Jun 28 2022
Amy Rumpler

Innovations in Search and Social [June 2022]


What’s new in the realms of paid search and social media? Basis’ Senior Vice President of Paid Search and Social compiles all the latest news, trends, and resources each month for easy access.

The Social Effect: How People Are Consuming, Shopping and Sharing on Social Platforms in 2022 [:13]

Channel Factory’s global research report reveals key insights across the US, UK, Italy, Singapore and Australia to illustrate how people are using social media platforms today compared to in 2020.

Social Media Tops the Charts in Brand Confidence in Measuring ROI [:01]

According to a recent eMarketer report, social media ranks higher than search, display, or video in terms of ability to measure ROI for paid media. 

Google Marketing Live: Everything You Need to Know [:05]

Search Engine Land summarizes the most important announcements from this year’s Google Marketing Live event. 

The Potential Global Economic Impact of the Metaverse [:20+]

In partnership with Analysis Group, Meta released a whitepaper discussing the potential contribution of the metaverse to global economic activity—if it were to evolve similarly to prior successful technologies in terms of rate of adoption and impact on GDP.

The Uniqueness of Augmented Reality [:03]

A new research study by Snap and IPG Magna explores augmented reality's place in marketing and how it’s being embraced across industries. 

Guide to Creative Best Practices on Reddit [:02]

The Reddit for Business LinkedIn account recently shared a useful infographic to help guide advertisers on the top copy and creative considerations for headlines, static images, video, and overall tone. 

Google Monthly Insights Briefing: A Look at Changing Behaviors Around the Globe [:04]

The May edition of this Google report provides a look into how consumers are reacting to the rising cost of both essential and nonessential items they need or want to buy. 

YouTube: The Future of Interactivity in the Living Room [:03]

Google found that more than 80% of people say they use another device while watching TV. With this in mind, they are rolling out a new feature that lets you connect your TV to your iOS or Android phone to bridge cross-device activity.

Meta Ads More Ad Targeting Insights to Ad Library Listings [:02]

In an effort to provide more transparency for users, Meta's updated Ad Library will now include information on the social issue, electoral, and political ads a Page runs using each type of targeting (such as location, demographics, and interests).

TikTok WooCommerce Integration Announced [:02]

TikTok's new partnership allows WooCommerce merchants to connect their accounts to TikTok in order to sync store catalogs, implement pixels seamlessly for results tracking, and target custom audiences quickly. 

Snapchat: Introducing Dynamic Travel Ads [:03]

Snapchat recently introduced their own version of dynamic travel ads, likely due to a resurgence in travel since the pandemic began.