Aug 19 2022
Amy Rumpler

Innovations in Search and Social [August 2022]


What’s new in the realms of paid search and social media? Basis’ Senior Vice President of Paid Search and Social compiles all the latest news, trends, and resources each month for easy access.

Google Report: July 2022 Monthly Audience Insights Briefing [:06]

Google's latest insights briefing reveals how inflation and pent-up consumer demand have set the stage for conflicting priorities when it comes to consumer spending.

Microsoft Announces 9 New Updates for Advertisers [:03]

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced automotive ads, an audience network expansion and new ad formats for dynamic remarketing, expanded customer match capabilities, and a variety of other ad targeting and campaign types expanding to new markets outside of the US. While many of these features are already available through Google, they’re a welcome addition for advertisers looking to better reach Microsoft’s 724 million monthly active users.

Over 60% of US Online Shoppers Start their Product Search on Amazon [:01]

According to eMarketer, 61% of consumers start their product searches on Amazon, while 49% begin on a search engine. Social media takes up a significant piece of the pie as well, with Facebook and Instagram accounting for 34%, and TikTok accounting for 11%.

Twitter Launches Location Spotlight [:02]

As part of their initiative to provide better tools for businesses, Twitter's location spotlight feature lets brick-and-mortar businesses include maps to their addresses and up-to-date business hours at the top of their profiles. 

What Advertisers’ Approach to YouTube Means to Alphabet [:01]

New research from eMarketer highlights why advertising on YouTube is different from other platforms. The platform's differentiators may factor into why advertisers continue to see success by investing in the platform—case in point, eMarketer also recently shared that Youtube is the most trusted platform for social commerce.

TikTok: Center of the Internet’s Attention [:04]

As “the new era of entertainment” has taken hold, users are seeking always-on options for discovering new ideas, education, and content. With 46% of users engaging in the platform without distractions or multi-screening, the TikTok audience is often deeply attentive, engaged and tuned-in. 

4 TikTok Communities Driving Commerce [:02]

eMarketer’s Reimagining Retail podcast team weighs in on which communities they believe are having the greatest impact on commerce in the US. There are a few great examples here of advertisers connecting with these communities to become a part of conversations surrounding important topics.  

Report: Why Brand Ads are More Meaningful to Snapchatters [:07]

New insights illustrate Snapchat's ability to power more meaningful connections between users and brands. Because Snap was built to allow close circles of friends to connect, their users are positioned to be more authentic (and happier!) than those engaging regularly with other platforms.

Snapchatters Are Proud To Celebrate Inclusion and Self-Expression [:02]

A new survey from Snapchat shows how users celebrate inclusion and how they would like to see brands show support. Nearly half of Snapchatters agree that brands engaging in the platform should reflect inclusion in a meaningful way, as Snapchatters are more likely to do their research to ensure that brands regularly share inclusive content, reflect it in their mission statement, and in their organization.

Instagram Takes Inspiration from BeReal with New Test Features [:03]

BeReal is rising in popularity with a simple concept: every day users have just a few minutes to take and post an unedited, unfiltered picture of themselves. Instagram has taken notice, and recently launched a “dual camera mode” feature that's very similar to BeReal’s UI. Here, Social Media Today speculates as to what this feature could mean for future updates in Instagram.

Meta Research on Business Messaging: The Quiet Channel Revolution Across Tech [:01]

In a research study with the Boston Consulting Group, Meta found that 1 in 3 consumers in Asia Pacific said they chat with businesses at least once a week, and over 40% are messaging businesses more frequently than before the pandemic. This report includes some good tips on how brands can use Messaging to fuel a variety of goals and objectives through deeper consumer engagement.

What’s Next for Branded Virtual Experiences? [:07]

Google asked industry experts, analysts, and content creators to hypothesize what the shift toward more virtual experiences in the metaverse could look like in the early days of adoption. The experts discussed three key areas where VR could easily become adopted in mainstream media consumption.