Jul 24 2014
Basis Technologies

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Impressions


Picture this...

A Centro bride, her handsome groom, and a hyper-local mobile campaign.

Sounds romantic, right?

If you know a thing or two about digital media campaigns and real-time bidding you probably think so, which also means you’re going to love this tale.

The Centro Channel team wanted to come up with a unique way to congratulate their coworker and friend, Alyssa Kucera, on her upcoming wedding. Since Centro is such a creative and strategic environment, the expectations were high. Taking advantage of the readily available resources, the team pulled together a geo-fenced mobile campaign through SiteScout that targeted a 1.5 block radius around the wedding and reception locale for 5 full hours.

True story.

The in-house Centro design team created layouts featuring the happy couple and once the campaign was in place, anyone who was on a mobile device with location tracking enabled was served the ad. Wedding guests, locals, tourists just passing through — everyone could see the exciting news: Alyssa was getting married!

All bids were maxed out to extend reach and ensure that the ads were seen. And seen they were. In fact, the CTR was phenomenal! Who says true love can’t be measured?

#MarriedInMadison Campaign Results:

403 Total Impressions

  • 1.24% CTR
  • eCPM: $1.64
  • Total Media Spend: $.66
  • Pre-Ceremony giggles: Countless

Just as impressive, the campaign was kept a complete secret. The big reveal came as the bride was chatting with guests during the cocktail hour and a coworker showed her the ad on his phone. The bride burst out laughing, shared the ad with her mom and said, "These are what my weird coworkers do with their spare time." Ahem, Alyssa, is that the pot calling the kettle black or what?

All kidding aside, this hyper-local nuptials story is a great working example of how managing a RTB campaign with Centro and SiteScout is quick and easy. Whether you’re planning to launch a major campaign or a major wedding, Centro can help make all of your digital dreams come true.