Dec 27 2012
Basis Team

Give Consumers a Nudge with Digital Place-Based Media


According to IBM’s Black Friday Report, mobile sales increased 63% over 2011 and predictions are calling for well over $1 billing in total mobile sales this year. Further reports are showing that in-store shoppers used their smartphones to search and compare bargains while battling the holiday rush.

And, according to Deloitte’s annual holiday survey, smartphone shoppers are expected to spend 72% more than those without. There is no doubt that this will lead advertisers to shore up their mobile efforts as we move into 2013, but how do you keep your brand top-of-mind along the path of purchase? Digital place-based signage, that’s how.

With its unique positioning within the work/play environment, digital place-based (DPB) media targets the active, on-the-go consumer as they make their biggest spending decisions and other, more frequent purchases, throughout the year.

From office buildings to restaurants to shopping centers, DPB leverages the consumer’s multi-screen lifestyle by bridging the gap between display and mobile within the most relevant context.

Mindset is the key – consumers are looking for retail information, so why not point them in your direction? With the explosion of mobile adoption and the growth of the digital mobile consumer, there has been no better time than right now to start rolling convergent opportunities around DPB into your media plans.

Additionally, the year 2013 will see continued release of improved technologies that will inspire increased interaction between mobile and place-based media. Near-field communications (NFC) is expected to revolutionize the payment process, but it will also allow for the delivery of media messages with just a simple tap of the device.

With 52% of audiences 12+ viewing a DPB screen every month – in health clubs, elevators, doctor’s offices, gas pumps and more – according to the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association (DPAA), digital place-based is an excellent platform for prompting shopper interactions with your brand. The consumer is ready. Just give ‘em a nudge.