Jan 4 2018
Anthony Loredo

Start the New Year Right: Get Your Agency Organized in 2018


Making a resolution this year? You’re not alone. When the calendar flips to January 1 every year, it’s the perfect opportunity to wipe the slate clean, set your intentions for the next 365 days, and start fresh. Like most people, you’ve probably already made your personal resolutions for 2018. By this point, they’re in full swing and maybe you’ve already had a chance to break them – at the very least you’re probably regretting the decision to put the Christmas cookies down and use your gym membership. (I know I am.)

But, have you thought about your resolutions for your business, your teams, and your campaigns? We have. Our recommendation for digital media agencies in 2018: Resolve to get organized. Lack of organization is the biggest road block to success and performance, and creating organization at every level of your business has the power to free up valuable time in your day, create operational excellence, and put you back in control this year.

Have you ever been house hunting and walked through a professionally staged home? Every element inside is perfectly curated and organized, and you’re able to see how each item in every room works together and flows seamlessly into the next – contributing and enhancing the overall value of the entire space.

As unrelated as it may seem, the digital media industry feels a lot like a house that hasn’t been staged. The digital landscape is cluttered and complex, and agencies haven’t found a controlled and effective way to do digital. And, combined with the different and disconnected systems we use in our everyday jobs, it’s nearly impossible to find time to step back, figure out what works, what doesn’t – and what should have been thrown out 10 years ago.

Chances are, your digital media operations ‘house’ is out of order and it’s time to take back control. And with a new year approaching, what better time to take a fresh look under the hood of your digital media ops?

You can’t expect different results if you haven’t made any changes. So, what do you need to change to get organized and reap the performance payoff in 2018? Here’s a list of what’s in and what’s out in digital media this year:


  • Digital marketing companies as service providers
  • Silo’d digital specialists
  • Pulling reports, campaign data, and performance insights from multiple platforms
  • Fragmented local media executions, and lack of understanding how media budgets are allocated
  • Cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all digital media plans
  • Dealing with the confusion of multiple contacts and vendors, ultimately wasting resources


  • Digital marketing companies as collaborative partners
  • Digital as a competency; not a department
  • Big picture views and real-time data into campaign performance – and the opportunity to optimize
  • Centralized media strategies and clear budget allocations across regions
  • Adopting a consultative and strategic approach, with flexibility and time to align with the needs of the client
  • Maintaining one point of contact and aligning resources according to media plans and campaign strategy


An organized business is a high-performing business, so let’s make 2018 the year you keep your resolutions. For more information on how Basis can be your go-to platform for organization and put you back in control in 2018, reach out to info@centro.net or request a demo.