Aug 20 2015
Basis Technologies

Generation Z: They’re Changing the Workplace, Too


With their growing population, yearning to be homeowners, and strong sense of entrepreneurialism, Generation Z is causing quite the commotion among marketers. And now, they’re catching the eyes of employers, too. Like Millennials, Gen Zers are driven and motivated – attributes mirrored in their desire to find their dream job. In fact, the majority (32%) of Gen Zers surveyed by Adecco Staffing stated that their greatest aspiration is to be in the perfect position within 10 years from now. In addition, 36% believe that career growth is the most important aspect of their first job – a statistic that has caused many employers to change the way they recruit talent. In order to successfully attract and retain this next generation of employees, employers need to provide professional development and growth opportunities. Friendly workplace cultures with flexible schedules and transparent salaries are not enough for Gen Z. Learn more about what Gen Zers are looking for in this article from Fortune>>