Aug 18 2015
Basis Technologies

Generation Z: Planning for the Future


In part one, we recently touched on how Generation Z is emerging as the new moneymaker generation for marketers – and for a variety of reasons, including their ubiquitous social presence. But did you also know that more than half would give up social media for a year and do double the homework if it guaranteed they’d be able to buy a house when they're older? In fact, 97% of post-millennials believe they will one day own a home. That’s a quite a sacrifice for a generation growing up in a highly digital world. On top of that, Gen Zers are also planning for their futures by learning more about money at an early age, as well as saving and gathering assets that will grow for possibly four or five decades. That being said, this young generation is on the path toward solving a multitude of economic problems our society currently faces – as well as those we’ve encountered in the past. Learn more about this highly motivated generation>>