May 4 2015
Basis Technologies

Generation X: The Call for Resilience


In part one of our Gen X audience series, we looked at how marketers can reach the small, but mighty influencer, Generation X. In part two, we dove into Gen Xers’ spending habits and how this generation is over preparing for retirement. But did you know that in regards to income and wealth, Gen X has suffered the most adversity of any generation? Through many booms and busts – most significantly, the Great Recession – this generation has endured a long history of financial difficulties, including the biggest decline in home ownership. In addition, while the number of (mostly) Boomers age 55 and over with full-time jobs has risen by over two million since the fall of 2007, the number of (mostly) Xers age 35 to 55 with full-time jobs has declined by nearly seven million. Despite these financial hardships, the good news is that Gen Xers are finding their own ways to cope – like we said, small but mighty! Get the full story on Forbes>>