Jul 17 2015
Basis Technologies

Generation X: Stuck in the Middle


Generation X is an audience segment not to be ignored. With financially dependent children and aging parents, they are a highly influential and impressive generation. Having survived the great recession at the prime of their careers, they have suffered the most adversity and more financial difficulty than any other generation.

Additionally, as the first generation to exist with concerns unheard of until the digital age, Gen Xers are struggling to get all of their estate planning in order. On top of that, retirement is on their horizon – making it nearly impossible for Gen Xers to feel financially secure. In fact, members of this generation require a nest egg of $1 million, in comparison to Boomers and Millennials, who feel $800,000 would suffice.

Learn more about how this small but resilient generation has learned to overcome their struggles by checking out our commentaries below.

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