Sep 26 2011
Basis Team

Five Ways to Ensure Advertisers Achieve Digital ROI


With nearly 80 percent of the U.S. population online, it is a given that advertisers need to take a stake in the digital space. While the digital marketplace offers a plethora of opportunities, it’s important to invest in the right opportunities. The key for advertisers is to ensure their online campaigns are strategically set up for true success, which translates into increased ROI.

Here are five ways to ensure advertisers get the best return on their digital investment:

Premium Brand Environments: The last thing online advertisers want is to make substantial investments that do not deliver or even worse, jeopardize their brands. Advertisers seek reputable brand environments, such as local news sites, to ensure their brands are protected and enhanced by trustworthy, reliable and relevant content. Within these types of environments, advertisers connect with consumers while they are in the right mindset, rather than catch them off guard in unexpected areas like email.

Targeting: In today’s innovative and fast-paced world, consumers need immediacy, which is incredibly advantageous for online advertisers. Using effective targeting strategies, including demographic, behavioral and/or geographic targeting, advertisers can give consumers exactly what they want and/or need. Relevant targeting creates a speedy, serendipitous connection that consumers welcome.

Appropriate Reach: Along with targeting, advertisers need to ensure they are reaching the right audiences across relevant sites and markets. It’s important to identify multiple high impact opportunities that will effectively connect advertisers with their target markets. Without appropriate reach, advertisers can miss out on profitable opportunities to convert consumers.

Proper Frequency: Increased ad exposure is an absolute must. Why? Message repetition increases message recall (Psychology 101), which results in more actions. The more consumers see a powerful brand, the more likely they will connect with it and keep it top of mind. Strong brands should strive to become an unforgettable, integral part of consumers’ lives. Proper frequency within a short timeframe can act as a reminder throughout various stages of the consumer journey.

Outsourcing: While the online space is a digital land of media opportunities, it does come with its challenges, particularly from an ad buying and planning standpoint. Our industry is still using outdated, manual processes despite technology advancements. Thus, there is a need to streamline and automate the process, so advertisers can focus on the actual brand experience vs. media logistics. In a past study, we found that nearly all respondents (85%) would like to spend more time on highly strategic work, but instead they devote their time managing administrative or logistical activities.

What are other ways in which advertisers can improve digital ROI? Should other factors be taken into consideration?