Aug 11 2014
Basis Technologies

Feet on the Street: Where in the world is Centro?


Good morning, sunshine! We are amped for another very exciting week of activities for all of us here at Centro. In fact, the fun has already started! Take a look at the lineup below, and if we’re in your neighborhood, let us know at As always, we would love to see you!

What: Affiliate Summit East 2014 – Sunday, August 10th – Tuesday, August 12th

Who’s going?  Darryl Singer, Steve Monti, John Botero, Matt Kershaw, Leah Holzman

Where:  New York, NY

What’s going on? We’ll be at the Affiliate Summit East to meet and greet as well as demonstrate our RTB platform - SiteScout!


What: 4A’s Talent 2030 – Monday, August 11th – Tuesday, August 12th.

Who’s going?  John Boyce, Jill Hamilton, Jessica Hellyer, Leah Holzman, Joe Pospisil, Shawn Riegsecker, Charlie Thomas

Where?  New York, NY

What’s going on?  Centrons onsite will be supporting our CEO Shawn Riegsecker as he delivers his keynote on the conference topic: The Business of People and Culture.


What’s going on? Digital Platform Summit – Wednesday, August 13th – Friday, August 15th

Who’s going?  Matt Davis and the Platform Sales team! *Cue jazz hands*

Where?  Half moon Bay, CA

What’s going on? Our Centro team will spend a few days examining the role of technology platforms in the industry.


What? Power Perk – Thursday, August 14th

Who’s going?  Robert Dolan

Where?  Atlanta, GA

What’s going on? Centro is stopping by the Carat Atlanta office armed with some power perk popsicle treats!


What? Agency Take Over - Friday, August 15th

Who’s going?  Michael Thill and Jessica Hilgers

Where?  Los Angeles, CA

What’s going on? An agency-wide event for Universal McCann, we’ll be coming in for a “Taste of LA” – and providing a lunch featuring some great local eateries.


That’s our schedule this week! Keep your eye on our events page to see where we’re running off to next, and be sure to check back on Friday for a wrap-up of this week’s top 5 activities!