Jun 15 2015
Basis Technologies

Feet on the Street: Where in the World is Centro


Welcome back to a new edition of Feet on the Street! The third week of our 3T Programmatic Roadshow is kicking-off in the northeast, so if you want access to the latest insights on digital advertising in the programmatic era and you’re in the area – come join us! If you’d just like additional details on where we will be next or would like to set up a meeting or demo of Centro DSP, email us at events@centro.net. We’d love to chat!


What3T Boston – June 16th, 2015 @ 5:30pm

Who’s going? Tom Burg, Noor Naseer, Ryan Manchee

Where: Boston, MA

What’s going on? With advances in technology changing at a rapid pace, keeping up can sometimes be difficult. At Centro’s 3T Programmatic Roadshow, you are guaranteed to leave with a better understanding of the opportunities programmatic will bring you. Tips, trends, and techniques for dominating digital are up for discussion, as well as how to efficiently plan and buy for your current and future media plans


What: Videonuze: Online Video Advertising Summit -- June 16th, 2015

Who’s going? Heather Robertson

Where? New York, NY

What’s going on? Industry executives will discuss how brands and content providers are aligning their business approach to the online video era. Insights on the future of advertising will be shared, as well as information on programmatic from both the buy and sell sides. The day will be full of networking and learning topics relevant to online video - including the convergence of TV and video advertising, mobile video advertising and YouTube.


What: WebAnalytics Houston - De-Mystifying Programmatic Buying Through DSP Technology -- June 17th, 2015 @ 11:30am

Who’s going? Christine Gensch, Luke Lambert, Larry Tucker, Dean Zeko

Where? Houston, TX

What’s going on? WebAnalytics Houston is a six-part series on digital analytics. With the impact of programmatic on the media industry and the benefits programmatic provides to both advertisers and publishers, it’s no surprise that there might be some confusion around the subject. As a presenting sponsor, Centro speakers will introduce you to real-time bidding in the age of programmatic. A demo of Centro DSP will be provided, and you will leave with a better understanding of programmatic technology and how it can benefit you.


What3T Philadelphia – June 18th, 2015 @ 5:30pm

Who’s going? Nathan Gawel, Heather Robertson, Ryan Manchee

Where: Philadelphia, PA

What’s going on? Our sixth stop on the 3T Programmatic Road show.


What: Media Alliance of Houston – Programmatic! -- June 18th, 2015 @ 5:30pm

Who’s Going? Luke Lambert and Stacey Subject

Where? Houston, TX

What’s going on? The Media Alliance of Houston knows the importance of programmatic and wants to share its knowledge with you. Centro’s Luke Lambert, director of platform solutions, and Stacey Subject, programmatic specialist, will discuss the benefits of using a DSP and the different types of bidding standpoints. A demo of Centro DSP will be shown to further advise why buying digital inventory programmatically has become essential. Space is limited to 40 guests, so get your tickets today!