Mar 23 2015
Basis Technologies

Feet on the Street: Where in the World is Centro?


After this past weekend, some of you might upset. But with all the busted brackets and upsets in the NCAA basketball tournament, we completely understand. To get you out of your funk, check out our events schedule for this week. It’s packed with the best and brightest in digital advertising! If you’d like additional details on where we will be or would like to set up a meeting, email us at We’d love to chat!


What: IAB Canada Engage Conference – 3/26

Who’s going? Steve Monti, Darryl Singer

Where: Toronto, CA

What’s going on? The IAB Canada Engage Conference brings together digital visionaries, pioneers, savants, and practitioners to discuss a variety of topics in digital media. This year, there will be six keynotes, multiple breakout sessions, and lunches to discuss the current trends in digital media, as well as insights into past successes.


What: thinkLA Mobile Breakfast – 3/26

Who’s Going? Ben Sarmiento, Jessica Hilgers, Ashley McBrearty, and Rocky Orozco

Where: Los Angeles, CA

What’s going on? This year’s breakfast will feature the Internet of Things (IoT) and the growing landscape of mobile connectivity. Some leading experts on the IoT will speak to what the future looks like as devices, homes, and cities become smarter. They’ll also discuss the implications the IoT will have on business growth and marketing practices.


What: 4th Annual Centro Beer Pong Madness – 3/26

Who’s going? East Sales Team

Where: New York, NY

What’s going on? In honor of March Madness, Centro is hosting its very own championship – in Beer Pong! After hosting over 130 people and playing over 50 games in 2014, this year’s tournament is sure to bring some upsets, Cinderella stories, and plenty of buzzer-beaters!


What: Martech Conference3/31 to 4/1

Who’s going? Marty Winner

Where: San Francisco, CA

What’s going on? Martech, a marketing technologies forum, helps vendors of all kinds understand and learn how technology can be effectively integrated into marketing strategy and operations. With a growing community of tech-savvy marketers, Martech offers incredible networking and collaboration across any industry.

If we don't get to see you, make it a great week!