Oct 12 2015
Basis Technologies

Feet on the Street: ANA Master Edition


Fall is officially here! And that means we’re one day closer to what is arguably one of our favorite events of the year – The ANA Masters of Marketing Conference in Orlando, Florida. From October 14th to 17th, the nation’s leading chief marketing officers and leaders from the agency and media worlds will meet to learn and engage with some of the top marketers and brands from around the world. Building brands, leveraging expanding arrays of media, making marketing more accountable, and improving the quality of marketing organizations are all topics up for discussion. Will you be attending the conference this year? If so, we’ve picked out some great panels, presentations and workshops that we think will provide you with some excellent insight. Check them out below. In the meantime, if you’d like additional details on where we will be at ANA or if you would like to set up a meeting at our on-site booth (booth #5), feel free to email us at events@centro.net. We’d love to chat!


What: Insights into Action: Best Practices in Content Marketing

When & Where: October 15th @ 7:00AM in the Palms Ballroom

Who’s Speaking: Christian Kugel, VP of Consumer Analytics at AOL

What’s It About: Most marketers agree that content marketing is a priority for brands today. There is less agreement, however, on exactly how to create content that is memorable, sharable, and measurable. Join Christian Kugel, AOL's VP of Consumer Analytics and Research, as he shares the culmination of three years of research into what drives successful content marketing programs. Learn techniques and tools for creating programs that emotionally resonate with audiences, understand why people use and engage with content, and uncover how content marketing can create a new depth of consumer engagement. 


What: Micro-Moments: The New Battleground for Brands

When & Where: October 15th @ 12:15PM in the Cyprus Ballroom Foyer

Who’s Speaking: Matt Lawson, Director of Performance Marketing at Google

What’s It About:  Mobile has fragmented the consumer journey into many short bursts of interaction – some transactional, some educational, and some of everything in-between. The nature (and the number!) of these digital moments require marketers to fundamentally re-think how they understand, reach and meaningfully engage people on their journeys – moment after moment. Join Matt Lawson, Director of Performance Ads Marketing at Google, as he shares consumer insights about the "micro-moments" shaping today's consumer journey and examples of customers who've had success catering to this new behavior.


What: Behind the Rise of a Super Brand

When & Where: October 16th @ 9:00AM in the Cypress Ballroom

Who’s Speaking: Jonathan Mildenhall, CMO at Airbnb, Inc

What’s It About: In just seven years Airbnb has grown from three Airbeds in an apartment in San Francisco to one of the world's most valuable private companies. With more than one million homes and 40 million guests in 191 countries across 32,000 cities, Airbnb is without doubt a 21st century company. Chief Marketing Officer, Jonathan Mildenhall, will share strategic and creative insights on how Airbnb's marketing agenda has helped propel the company to the status of the world's first community-driven super brand.


What: The Power of Data-Driven Insights

When & Where: October 16th @ 12:15PM in the Palms Ballroom

Who’s Speaking: Marc de Swann Arons, CMO at @ MB Vermeer; Lisa Donohue, CEO at Starcom USA; Deborah Wahl, CMO at McDonald’s Corp.

What’s It About: Marketers have never before had so much access to data. Data has great potential to improve marketing and ROI. But the risk of data overload is very real and confusion abounds on how best to leverage and manage data. This session will provide a deep-dive on the power of data-driven insights and cover issues that include developing business building ideas from data, managing data internally, data protection/ownership, working with partners for optimizing the use of data, and more.


What: Building Strong Brands Through Digital Technology, Not Digital Advertising

When & Where: October 17th @ 10:00AM in the Cypress Ballroom

Who’s Speaking: Robert Tas, CMO at Pegasystems, Inc

What’s Going On: In today's era of digital Darwinism, it's not the brands with the biggest advertising budgets that will win over those with smaller ones — it's the brands that are faster and better at adapting to rapidly changing customers and consumers. Robert Tas will outline a new model for building strong brands based on his experience as the CMO of Pegasystems, as well as his work with clients including American Express, RBS, and Sprint.