Nov 9 2015
Basis Technologies

Essential Tips for Programmatic Advertising on Mobile


Your target is waiting for the train, phone in hand, educating herself on the latest news in the developing race for presidential candidacy. She is in a swing state, and she knows how much weight her vote carries. What if you could reach out to her – right there and then – and direct her to your campaign platform?

Thanks to that phone in her hand, you can. And according to the numbers – you should.

Mobile is exploding, and not a second too soon for the exciting year ahead. According to analyst estimates, mobile display ads are expected to account for nearly 40% of all display advertising by 2019. With the help of the equally rapid rise in programmatic, these ads will account for nearly $15 billion in ad spend.

Centro is committed to bringing you the freshest thoughts and perspectives on industry trends. Earlier this year, we gave a webinar on how brands can efficiently and effectively reach their audiences on any mobile device, on any application and site, wherever they are located. Important information for marketers heading into 2016 planning – with or without political plans. Marketers who are able to purchase ad impressions individually based on smartphone data are the most primed for effective campaigns that engage their audiences.

This webinar, now available for download, preps you with:

  • Hard numbers and stats behind the current mobile trend
  • Insight into the consumer journey on mobile devices
  • Techniques for finding the right audiences on mobile
  • Techniques for finding specific individuals on mobile
  • Integrating programmatic into your mobile ad buying process

Sound like some insights you could use in your next campaign? Check out the webinar below!

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