Mar 4 2016
Basis Technologies

Empower your mobile strategy with these 5 terms


The verdict is in: mobile is booming. A recent eMarketer study suggests that by 2019, mobile ad spend is projected to increase to 72.2% of total digital ad expenditures. It’s time to re-assess your primary approach because simply buying mobile inventory across multiple screens is no longer enough. To drive real business impact in the current landscape, a mature, robust mobile targeting strategy is imperative.

As a part of our 3Ton30 educational webinar series, Centro is delivering some in-depth information on four mobile targeting tactics on March 16th at 1:30 p.m. EST. In case you missed it, you can find the recording and slides presented here.

In the meantime, here’s a quick list of terms every marketer needs to know in order elevate your mobile strategy in 2016.

Click-Through Rate: (CTR for short) The number of click-throughs per ad impression, expressed as a percentage (American Marketing Association).

Cross-device Targeting: The ability to target the same consumer, from one connected device to another.

Location Targeting: A method for targeting ads to customers based on their vicinity or location. Targeting techniques can encompass a variety of data including geolocation, contextual element of media, user preferences, and more.

Traditional Retargeting: The act of gathering data on a web visitor and then serving an ad to that visitor on another website based on their online behavior. Data for this tactic is derived from the cookie that is placed on the visitor’s computer upon the initial website visit.

Viewability: The Media Ratings Council’s standard states that a viewable impression measurement of ads in mobile web browser environments should follow the existing guidance for viewability in desktop: 50% of pixels in the viewable space of the browser for a minimum of one second (display) or two seconds (video) for a viewable desktop display impression is a minimum of 50% of pixels (of the digital ad) in view (within the browser) for a minimum of one second.