Jul 16 2012
Basis Team

The Digital Shift and Internet Ad Spend Outpaces Other Media

  • “It’s a boom-time business,” as stated in a recent LA Times article, which highlights how select agencies are pushing big brands beyond traditional advertising to take brand storytelling online. One agency President, Eric Johnson of Ignited, said it best, “There has been a fundamental shift in behavior that is shaking the underpinnings of the whole media and marketing industry. Everything needs to be digitally connected.”  The opportunities are endless and the key is to find the best ways to accelerate this exciting transformation. Read More: Digital advertising agencies are built for the Internet age
  • According to the latest Nielsen report, global ad spend is on the rise across TV, newspapers, outdoor, internet, and cinema. Internet advertising had a 12.1% increase (the largest increase of all the media types) in Q1 2012 compared to last year. Ad spend overall increased 3.1% globally. This growth is incredibly encouraging for marketers; they should continue to leverage digital advertising with other media types to create strategic, holistic brand experiences. Read More: Global Internet Ad Spend Sees Double-Digit Growth, Outpaces Other Media