Oct 14 2016
Basis Technologies

Digital Media Operations—Organized. Only with Centro Platform.


The digital media landscape is ever-evolving. New vendors, unique executions, and changing client goals makes it difficult for agencies to find the best approach when committing resources and structuring teams.

Even after those teams are built, there are a number of disconnected products and systems used to get campaigns from point A (research) to point B (billing). As the ecosystem expands and contracts, these legacy systems aren’t built to keep pace. The result: inefficient and inconsistent processes that are far too error-prone. Agencies are forced to figure out a way to align teams with new executions and old tools, and often struggle to make all of the pieces fit.

Snapshot: Too many disconnected, outdated systems make digital media operations slow and inefficient. The lack of workflow results in details falling through the cracks and a generally poor and confusing experience for planners, buyers, analysts, finance teams -- and even worse -- clients.

Real Concerns from Real Digital Media Professionals
Let’s look at this issue from a Media Team Director/Lead POV. For this role, to get from conception to completion of a digital media campaign, productivity is top of mind -- and there’s lots of room for improvement. Since this team tends to use at least 5 different systems to research, communicate internally and externally, evaluate campaigns, order IOs, and bill clients, the process is not as streamlined as it should be. When large-scale campaigns or highly innovative executions come down the pike, processes are adjusted so that the team can work within the systems provided – many of which are not built for digital. This constantly changing approach leaves the team with gaps in data and information, which leads to too many mistakes. It would be ideal if there was a way to be more organized and work in a flexible, connected platform. This would greatly reduce the daily stress on the team and make their effectiveness easier to evaluate.

The Solution: Centro Platform
A streamlined, holistic approach to digital media operations, Centro Platform is software that connects teams, so they no longer work in silos. Centro Platform allows you to centralize team members and selling partners into one system so that people, processes, and performance all exist in one place. Now you have a single system of record within the agency, providing an audit trail of all documents, plans, proposals, and communications. Your internal teams and sellers can easily collaborate, and communication is organized by campaign for reference. Information is easily accessed and shared so teams stay aligned and in-the-know. Centro Platform rapidly releases updates to ensure that it grows with the industry and with your business.

This is what organized digital media operations looks like. This is Centro Platform.

Platform Features


Vendor Relationship Management

  • Centro Platform’s Vendor Directory consolidates over 4,500 vendors, 9,000 properties, and 11,000 unique contacts. The database includes comScore integration, accelerating the process from research to RFP.

Communication Center

  • The campaign message center offers a transparent record of all the communication with sellers and team members, organized by campaign.
  • Document sharing now comes with context, as you upload and share files in relation to communication streams and campaign changes.

Alerts & Notifications

  • Automated notifications keep collaborators informed of new activities, allowing for faster campaign launch, issue resolution, as well as receipt of payments.
  • A system smart enough to sense projected loss, Centro Platform alerts users on pacing issues. When delivery is below or above stated thresholds, or if there is an issue at launch, Centro Platform updates the team so you can course correct quickly.
  • Teams starts with an advantage, as notifications inform them of key actions on relevant projects – allowing them to immediately direct their attention as needed.

Roles & Permissions

  • Centro Platform accounts for the flexibility of your business by offering several sets of permissions. With one or many permission sets assigned, you will be able to layer access restrictions accordingly. Select from 11 permission sets to create the most productive and healthy environment for your team, clients, and sellers.
  • Offering a structured approach to permissions, Centro Platform helps focus cross-functional team members on their areas of expertise – ensuring they only perform actions for which they are allowed.
  • Users qualify as either Super User, Agency Admin, Agency User, or Vendor User, and can be further assigned to a client or brand if appropriate.

Platform Security

  • To ensure we are providing best-in-class security, Centro has partnered with a leading business security audit company to conduct periodic security audits.
  • Centro Platform’s Data Center is compliant with the highest hosting standards. Network access to the database is guarded by our firewalls, as well as a key system with high levels of encryption.

To learn more about Centro Platform or request a demo, visit centro.net or email info@centro.net.