Mar 3 2021
Ryan Manchee

DIAL: Digital Innovations Awesome List (March 2021)


At Centro, we know that keeping up with the trade pubs and latest trends can be tough and time-consuming. To make that easier, we’ve compiled all the articles, reports, and other bits of awesomeness you may have missed, but should definitely read. Enjoy our latest list below!

Digital 2021 Global Overview Report [:30+]

Plugged as the ultimate guide to the evolving digital world, this MASSIVE report, published in partnership between We Are Social and Hootsuite, provides insights into how people around the world use the internet, mobile devices, social media, searching, and buying via e-commerce. It is chock-full of fascinating tidbits and stats.

The Great Unbundling [:30+]

Once a year, analyst Benedict Evans produces a monster macro tech trends presentation. This year’s focuses on how COVID-19 brought shock and a lot of broken habits to tech, but mostly, it accelerated everything that was already changing. 20 trillion dollars of retail, brands, TV and advertising is being overturned (and unbundled), and software is remaking everything from cars to pharma.

Digital Marketing Matures In House [:04]

The In-House Agency Forum (IHAF), in partnership with Forrester Research, shared findings examining the degree to which in-house agencies are involved with digital marketing. While many agency functions have moved in-house, media is the exception, with a majority still handled by external agencies. This is changing as more brands find the right tools and talent.

The 6th Wave of Advertising Technology: Privacy [:06]

There’s a revolution happening in digital media, primarily driven by a new focus on privacy by major players at the core of the digital ecosystem–from OS/browser companies to regulators. These changes limit many of the targeting and measurement standard practices and will upend the industry as we know it. But there are also huge opportunities for anyone in the right position to take advantage of it. Read about how the waves of the industry how to ride this next one.

To Succeed Without Cookies, Try Content Commerce [:03]

The absence of the cookie means that content is king again. Especially if you are a publisher. And while every publisher is trying to figure out how to maintain or grow revenue while navigating the loss of the cookies, online purchasing is only increasing with the backdrop of the pandemic. This means that publishers have the opportunity to better connect audiences to sales through content.

The Crawl, Walk, Run Guide To Contextual Targeting [:07]

Contextual targeting dates back more than a decade. And the tried and true technique is having a renaissance, as marketers test out strategies that thrive in a cookie-free world. From signaling intent to aligning with creative messaging, contextual targeting companies now utilize natural language processing to ascertain more than just keywords. So, the absence of the cookie means that context is king!

Bayer Claims Industry First With Interactive Smart-Speaker Ads [:03]

In what may be an industry first, a Bayer vitamin brand has launched "actionable audio ads” to encourage radio listeners on an Amazon Alexa device to use voice commands to ask for more information about the product and even order the product directly. While an accompanying video in the article showcases the potential, it also shows a potentially cumbersome process requiring multiple steps to navigate the experience.

Clubhouse Is Booming. So Is the Ecosystem Around It [:07]

Are you on Clubhouse? Experiences range from cringeworthy bloviation (? Leave Quietly option) to insightful discussions that in the past may have only been available after paying for a hefty conference pass, and all the travel & expenses associated with an event. While it is still in a closed beta, there is a growing ecosystem to support its meteoric rise. What advertising opportunities could be in the future for Clubhouse? Well, I’m hosting a Clubhouse tomorrow at 6pm to bring together…just kidding.

Non-Fungible Tokens 101 [:08]

NFTs are blockchain-based assets that are essentially crypto-collectibles, ranging from artwork and sports “cards” to unique in-game items for video games. They are uniquely assigned, and while copies can be made, the copies don’t have the blockchain certification of originality.

The rising value of cryptocurrencies is accelerating value for NFTs, while the market is growing quickly with major artists offering ownership of their art and platforms like NBA Top Shot offering ownership of basketball highlights (akin to trading cards). Will this be the Beanie Babies (or for me, PEZ dispensers) of the 2020s and go out with a bust, or could this be the future of collectible investments?

In the Digital Economy, Your Software Is Your Competitive Advantage [:05]

For all the talk of digital transformation, many companies feel lost when it comes to actually transforming. This HBR article explains how more companies can take a software-based approach to tackling problems over tasks, working fast and not fearing failure, and taking a more adaptive and responsive approach to working with their customers.