Jul 2 2019
Ryan Manchee

DIAL: Digital Innovations Awesome List (July 2019)


At Centro, we know that keeping up with the trade pubs and latest trends can be tough and time-consuming. To make that easier, we’ve compiled all the articles, reports, and other bits of awesomeness you may have missed, but should definitely read. Enjoy our latest list below!

Mary Meeker’s Most Important Trends on the Internet [:20]

The annual report from Mary Meeker is a must read every year. Chock full of trend data across the internet from a savvy VC perspective, the report covers a focus on particular business categories, and of course online advertising. For the first time last year, the time spent with mobile and share of media investment reached parity.

But while digital advertising is growing (primarily through increased programmatic buying), it is not growing at nearly the rate seen previously (though there was some acceleration from last year). Watch for privacy concerns continuing to impact targeted advertising, and for more traditional media to blur the lines with digital. Bonus—check out eMarketer’s top 5 trends from the report.

Magna Global + IPG Media Lab + Pandora Present: Ad Receptivity, Deconstructed [:03]

New research from IPG Media Lab points to factors that drive our willingness to see ads before we’re exposed to them as audio listeners and video watchers.

Why Pernod Ricard favors the hybrid in-house model [:03]

Beverage company Pernod Ricard takes a slower approach to creating an in-house team.

WTF Is The ICO? (And Why Ad Tech Should Worry) [:06]

Data protection is becoming an ever important conversation as more companies are having to familiarize themselves with all the data regulations. The ICO is one of the biggest and best-resourced data protection authorities in Europe. People who work in ad tech should worry because the ICO will set the bar for how strictly it will enforce GDPR.

New York’s Privacy Bill Is Even Bolder Than California’s [:08]

The New York bill is different than the California bill in some major ways. While the California law leaves enforcement to the state’s attorney general, the NY Privacy Act would give New Yorkers the right to sue companies directly over privacy violations. This will most likely set up a slew of individual lawsuits.

83% Increase in Customers Due to Location-Based Advertising, According to Factual's 2019 Report [:04]

Location data continues to be an effective tool for marketers — almost 9 in 10 marketers said location-based advertising and marketing resulted in higher sales, followed by growth in their customer base (86%) and higher customer engagement (84%).

Three Things DTCs Have Learned As They Get Into TV [:03]

eCommerce and Direct to Consumer brands are driving in droves towards ad spending on TV while bringing a new data-focused angle to their buying strategies.

How Walmart Is Building A Delivery Operation To Rival Amazon [:04]

Walmart is testing out new delivery capabilities that will rival with Amazon’s grocery delivery subscription service. This adds to the already lengthy list of delivery initiatives Walmart has undertaken over the past year, which includes delivery partnerships with Ford, Udelv and Deliv, and the announcement of next-day delivery.

The Smart Audio Report [:07]

With more than 53M smart speaker owners in the United States, new research from NPR and Edison Research reveals how smart speaker owners are settling in with their devices and the factors the industry will have to solve for in order to grow further.

What Advertising Means in the Age of Spatial Computing [:06]

Advertisers today are starting to look towards technologies such as virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) as a way of getting closer to their customers and delivering those all-important immersive experiences. See also YouTube’s new AR offering announced last month.