Sep 16 2014
Basis Technologies

Days of our #CentroLives: Play Hard


We work hard at Centro. We try new methods. We break things. And we always pick up and start again. Fortunately, Centro encourages employees to reward themselves for the hard work they put in, and offers ample opportunity for employees to rest and recharge. In addition to paid vacation, each Centro employee (Centron) gets 10 additional “Ferris Bueller” days. Ferris Bueller days (or FB days as they’re known internally), are meant to be used for on-the-spot sick days, personal days, or the occasional “I simply cannot miss out on this weather” day. Centrons are known to love impromptu adventures, and therefore take full advantage of these bonus days off.

Centro is also full of people who love to give back. That’s why we have “Change the World Day” – an extra full day off that can be taken when a Centron decides to dedicate their day to volunteer work. As a result of Change the World Day, organizations across the country have benefited from the time and work ethic of Centro employees.