Jun 19 2012
Basis Team

Data Theft Continues to Plague Online Publishers


(Wall Street Journal) – Online tracking on 50 of the most-visited websites has risen sharply since 2010, driven in part by the rise of online-advertising auctions, according to a new study by data-management company Krux Digital Inc.

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Download the full Krux Cross-Industry Study here.

Our partner Krux, which sells a service for website publishers to protect their customer data, conducted a study on data theft by crawling 6-10 pages on each of the 50 most-visited sites. Their findings uncovered that the expansion of the online industry’s data-collection efforts has caused massive data leakage for publishers.

Data skimming and data theft continue to be pervasive, and the spike in activity makes one thing clear – web publisher data has tremendous value. Why else would so many be so focused on its collection and reuse?

The decision now lies within the publisher community. In the end, they are ultimately responsible for controlling their data and protecting the value of their inventory.