Sep 13 2012
Basis Team

CTR for Online Ad Formats, Mandate for Multi-Screens

  • A recent MediaMind study highlights the avg. CTR for various display ad formats served in the U.S. Of the ad formats, video ad-serving template (VAST) and video player-ad interface definition (VPAID) formats performed the best. While these are interesting results, “clicks are not always necessary, particularly when ads are brand focused (vs. DR) and/or when interactive ads appear in long-form video content where clicking would be disruptive to the experience.” Read More: Video Ads See High Click Rates
  • The multitude of screens today requires a mandate for marketers to maintain a multi-screen presence. Recent research indicates that emailing, internet browsing, and social networking are the most common multi-screen activities; this is a good sign for many TV marketers who are capitalizing on user behavior and driving consumers to digital media through specific calls-to-action. Consumers are no longer relying on one screen/channel, which means marketers must leverage multiple screens to connect and influence them. Read More: Most TV, Tablet Interactions Involve Another Screen