Mar 28 2012
Basis Team

CMO Confessions, Digital Challenges and Outsourcing

  • In a recent agency confession interview, an agency CMO offers extremely candid feedback in regards to the challenges agencies face today. Looking beyond the so-called Mad Men drama, it is apparent that agencies are feeling more pressure than ever. Key takeaways from the interview include the need for more education and expertise, alignment between the agency and advertiser and improved efficiencies. These enhancements will help pave a better future for the media industry. Read More: Confessions of an Agency
  • What are some common challenges faced by publishers, agencies and advertisers? A recent Digiday article highlights many obstacles including the need for experts. Too often we see stretched resources and people across too many different initiatives, which inhibit growth and specialization. Experts are vital in keeping a pulse on the industry and anticipating change. Centro’s emerging technologies team is a prime example of this… They are continually researching the landscape, vetting competitive technologies and partnerships and creating strategies and tactics that continually push agencies and advertisers to take risks that lead to more opportunities. Read More: Publishers Grapple with Ad Tech
  • What is outsourcing as it relates to the digital industry? In a recent post we highlighted an article from HfS, and the author talks about how “outsourcing is broken terminology.” We agree with this notion. The term is often misinterpreted and confused with “offshoring,” which creates an instant dark cloud of negativity. However, we associate outsourcing with increased opportunities and strategic partnerships, which relieve time-consuming and inefficient tasks, allowing more strategic work. The result, companies accomplish more. Read More: Digital Outsourcing Leads to More Opportunities