Feb 24 2015
Basis Technologies

Channel Sales Partner of the Month: The Fresno Bee


This month, we are thrilled to feature The Fresno Bee as the Digital Extension Partner of the Month. In the beginning of 2015, this partner recognized the shift toward programmatic and was eager to jump into the driver's seat to pave the way for more effective media buying in its market. The Fresno Bee’s ability to adapt to advancements and new technologies in an ever-changing media landscape is palpable – and is the reason why it has remained in the top 25 on our leaderboard on a month-to-month basis.

Shane Kelly is the digital advertising manager at The Fresno Bee and has been championing all of the publisher’s programmatic buying efforts. He notes, “When it came time for us to take the next step into the programmatic space, Centro made the transition nearly effortless. We now have the best of both worlds in that we can continue to use the full service option when needed as well as create and optimize campaigns ourselves while still having the level of support we need from SiteScout.” With the power and flexibility that comes through leveraging programmatic technology, the Fresno Bee is slated for future success – and so are its clients. Keep up the amazing work!