Jan 2 2013
Noor Naseer

CES 2013: Gadgets Galore to Debut at Convention (Part I)


Heavy buzz continues to swirl as we eagerly count down the days to the most highly anticipated tech toy-filled days of the year. No not Christmas, silly! CES 2013, of course.

For those not familiar with what makes the CES convention such a big deal in the tech and electronics industry, I’ll share a little background.

The International Consumer Electronics Show, owned and produced by the Consumer Electronics Association, dedicates itself to promoting the growth of the nearly $200 billion U.S. consumer electronics market. The 2013 convention will follow suit in committing to CEA’s mission. Engadget, the online tech magazine, reported that 2012 was a record year for the show, drawing crowds upward of 153,000 and more than 3,100 exhibitors. Accordingly, big crowds and wondrous spectacles of tech gadgetry are anticipated to be on display in 2013.

The convention grounds will span across Sin City at both the Las Vegas Trade Center and the Venetian Casino from January 8th through January 11th.  Notable exhibitors include HTC, Kodak, Nokia, VTech, Intel, Panasonic and Audi, amongst others.

Hot new products set to hit the market and be showcased at the convention will include Ultra HD TVs, or super high definition televisions with an average of 4 times the resolution of today’s HD televisions. Other popular noted products to be presented include cloud gaming, in-car voice control offerings and tech specs, as reported by tech gadget authority Stuff magazine.

Gadget and tech news authority, CNET, further reports that 20,000 products are set to be featured at the convention. As the official digital news and video partner of CES, tech enthusiasts can read and view the chronicling of the show at ces.cnet.com starting January 7th.

What are you excited to see debut at the show? What do you think will be the most highly anticipated gadgets for 2013? Share your thoughts below.