Jan 18 2013
Noor Naseer

CES 2013: Exciting Programs and Panelists (Part II)


While the excitement of the holiday season is over, there’s a ton to look forward to in the New Year for technology enthusiasts. For those deeply curious about what’s to come in 2013, there’s no better place to get fully immersed in what’s to come other than the International Consumer Electronics Show.

The 4-day conference commenced with pre-show events on January 7th. The formal program runs from the 8th through the 11th at the Las Vegas Convention Center and The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Besides grand displays of the newest technological devices, unmatched networking opportunities and a meeting of the industry’s greatest tech minds, key show offerings will include the masses of seminars led by industry experts and executives.

The keynote speech Tuesday kicked off show events. One notable change from past years will be the traditional commencement speech by a Microsoft executive. For the past 9 years, the keynote speaker at CES has been either the Founder or CEO of Microsoft. This is the first year the PC giant won’t be doing the honors. In their place will be Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs addressing topics including the future of mobile technologies. Jacobs previewed his address during a Charlie Rose interview last week.

Other noted keynote speakers will include Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam, Samsung President of Device Solutions Dr. Stephen Woo, and Chairman of U.S. solutions at American Express Josh Silverman.

Take a look through scheduled events at the CES official website’s session page.

We have a team from Centro attending the conference. If you have recommendations on valuable panelists or speakers you’re planning to check out this week, give us a head’s up in the comments section below.

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