Oct 29 2012
Basis Technologies

Centro’s Green Team Gets Its Hands Dirty

Centro’s Green Team participated in a field trip to Growing Power, a Chicago urban farm that “promotes equal access to healthy, high-quality, safe and affordable food for people in all communities.”

During our time at the farm, we were able to learn the importance of safe planting within the city and providing a safe haven for urban youth, as well as supplying affordable, healthy produce to all Chicago community members.

Volunteers helped to transport and sort through a variety of herbal plants, created viable fertilizer, and laid woodchips to replenish soil within Chicago hoop houses (small, plastic-covered greenhouses).

Volunteers were also given the opportunity to tour the facilities and learn about urban farming techniques such as aquaponics, a method of growing crops and fish together in a re-circulating water system.

Centro’s Green Team had an overall great experience and cannot wait to get involved with Growing Power for future projects!

Visit the Growing Power website.

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