Aug 27 2015
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#CentronShorts: The Stories Behind the Shots


The world is full of things that motivate us. Today, you'll find out what motivates this Centron to run in our latest chapter of #CentronShorts. In these brief accounts, we'll give you a new look into the lives of the Centrons, in ways never before seen. And just so we are clear: no selfie sticks. Please enjoy!

#CentronShorts: The Stories Behind the Shots I Do it for Me by Sam Yee My first race was the Long Branch Half Marathon back in May of 2007. I ran with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Being my first, it was the most intimidating thing I’d done in my life to date. But I was far too determined to back down. Long story short, I made it, nearly losing a toe nail in the process! But it was at that moment when I crossed the finish line that I vowed to never run another race. It just wasn’t for me…or my feet. Fast forward to March of 2015. A band of seven fellow Centrons and I ran the NYC Half Marathon with the American Cancer Society. The vow I made all those years ago came crashing down and I couldn’t be happier it did. Ever since I lost my mother to cancer in 2014, I have been looking for ways to support those who are locked in the very same battle that my mom lost. Running allows me to help people who went through what my mother did; to give others a fighting chance and foster hope in their lives. It fills me with the courage to keep on going! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I bested my previous half marathon time by 12 minutes. I know that I have the strength to do what is right – regardless of the consequences – and the strength to move beyond my comfort zone. Centro’s Manifesto highlights these words and they couldn’t be truer. In my eyes, it takes a great deal of courage to battle cancer, whether having to endure it or support a loved one through it. The fight against cancer is the right fight, and lacing up my runners is definitely out of my comfort zone. I do it for my parents. I do it for my friends and family. I do it for me. For more on Sam, visit her page, @samma_gram

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