Aug 19 2015
Basis Technologies

#CentronShorts: The Stories Behind the Shots


Get the popcorn, because you're in for a title bout in the newest chapter of our #CentronShorts story. In these brief accounts, we're giving you a special look at the people who make Centro the great place it is, the Centrons! Please enjoy today's story and be sure to check us out on Instagram, @centromedia.

#CentronShorts: The Stories Behind the Shots MMA is to Adtech like … By Audrey Pang I’ve always been athletic. As a child I took swimming and figure skating classes. Normal, right? But then in middle school I discovered wrestling and fell in love with the sport. I went on to wrestle in a Division I men’s college program and even competed internationally for a couple of years after. Finally, in 2008 I gracefully retired from wrestling…and picked up Mixed Martial Arts. One of the most exciting aspects of MMA is the different types of fighters and their diverse backgrounds. Each fight features a unique set of strengths and weaknesses which makes for unpredictable and thrilling outcomes. Most elite fighters, while good in many areas of combat, usually have a strong foundation in at least one discipline. This foundation serves as an inner reservoir of strength to be tapped and leveraged for their winning strategy. For me, to become a better fighter, I built on my wrestling background with rigorous cross-training in other martial arts like boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. The current ad tech landscape and Centro remind me of MMA. We’ve got hundreds of companies in the space, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, aggressively competing to win. To be great, you need a range of skills built on a solid foundation. Centro is a great MMA fighter – we’ve got a strong foundation in digital media along with a powerful team that lives its values through our Raving Fan service. We bring a diverse and complimentary set of skills, along with solutions that are perfectly designed, to deliver the business outcomes our clients seek. I love working at Centro because its fast-paced culture and entrepreneurial spirit allow me to grow and tackle new challenges with the same vigor that I once entered the cage with. Visit Audrey's page, @oddaymon, for more! #CentroLife

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